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Maxine Marks sold our flat in Ir Yamim Netanya. She and her wonderful team provided a clear strategy and great advice to achieve a buyer that was …. in her words …… a perfect Shiduch! We are extremely happy with the service she provided and would highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling in the area.
Dan and Julia Schwartzmann
August 2018
Maxine Marks encapsulates professionalism and enthusiasm.  From the moment we first met until the transaction was completed, she supported us every step of the way.  Maxine instantly understood exactly what we were looking for and showed us lots of suitable properties. Her advice and expertise were invaluable.  We have ended up with an apartment that is absolutely perfect for us and in a brilliant location. Thanks to Maxine and her fabulous team.
Anna Kwartz
July 2018

From the moment we approached Maxine she was brilliant and so helpful. We had no idea what buying a property in Israel would entail and Maxine walked us through the whole process taking all the stress out of it. We could not have done it without her. Amazing! 

 Family from London


May 2018



We have no hesitation in recommending Maxine and her team in assisting us to find a rented home in Netanya.  She questioned our requirements in depth and went out of her way to find just what we needed.  As soon as we saw our apartment, we fell in love with it and we were so grateful for her doing all the legwork for us.

Not only that, but once we moved in, her team could not have been more helpful in the arrangement of the utilities, medical and bank.

We would not have got started without her.

Thank you Maxine and gang.

Ruth and Brian

July 2017


Dear Maxine

I just wanted to write and thank you for all your hard work on our project.

Once we decided to move to Poleg you have been with us every inch of the way. Through the headache of agreeing a sale, exchange and completion we could always rely on you for guidance and assistance.

However, where you have scored is the after sales. Lots of Renovations – you have recommended builders and a project manager which has helped us achieve something we could not have reached on our own.

Thank you


Michael Bentley


We would like to thank you for finding us a lovely apartment in Ramat Poleg. We are delighted with the service we received from the “Maxine Marks team” and in particular the after service which was very friendly and helpful, particularly, as new Olim, the support we needed sorting out all the setting up processes.

Pamela and Stuart Kay



We wanted to thank Maxine and Gabriella for their warm and personal service. For their professionalism, honesty, finesse and kindness which appear to be family traits!We wish them all the best and success in their business.

Lula Green 15-11-2016

I am delighted to recommend Maxine Marks to clients who are thinking of buying in Israel. She is the expert on properties in Ramat Poleg and Ir Yamim and makes the whole process of purchasing in Israel surprisingly painless. She is a pleasure to deal with and is always there for her clients not just for the transaction but right through the process of settling in and becoming a resident in a new place.

Stephen pack (28-9-2016)


We decided as a family last summer to make Aliyah. We wanted to live by the sea, within an hour of the airport and in a community as we have young children. I was introduced to Maxine by a mutual friend. From our first telephone conversation Maxine was as warm as she was knowledgeable. Her enthusiasm for Israel in general and Poleg in particular is infectious. Her familiarity with the area and the property market is undoubtedly comprehensive. We spoke at length on the phone during which time I never felt rushed or that Maxine had something better to get to. She makes you feel as though your case is the most important thing on her agenda.

Having elicited from me the information required to build a picture of my requirements she then set about putting together a 2 day programme especially for me. I subsequently flew to Israel to meet with Maxine in her “natural environment” !
This was quite an experience to behold. I hope she will forgive me if I describe her as a “larger than life” character in ever sense. Maxine seems to know EVERYONE in Poleg and our tour was pleasantly delayed by brief encounters with sundry local characters. She presented me with a portfolio of properties together with a personalised pen and paper for note taking. We then proceeded to 10 scheduled appointments at a variety of properties commensurate with the needs of a large family. The following day was set aside for repeat visits to those I had shortlisted. No high pressure selling nor any attempt to steer me to the more expensive properties.
In the event one property jumped out from the crowd for me. Maxine deftly helped me conclude a deal smoothly,efficiently and to the satisfaction of both parties. It is in part a testament to Maxine’s non aggressive style that both parties not only finalised the transaction without rancour but forged a friendship thereafter.
However Maxine’s involvement, unlike many agents, did not end there as it legitimately could. The best way to describe her whole ethos is “holistic”. By that I mean that she will help with all aspects of your move if you wish that help. By no means pushy she helped us with schools for the children even setting up and even attending meetings with us !
Building, decorating,legal services,vets..you name it she will put you in touch with the right people. When we made Aliyah she not only met us at the airport but had stocked the fridge with essentials for us. She even arranged potential friends/play dates for our kids !
It is a further testament to Maxine that so many people who have engaged her services professionally thereafter would consider her a friend. My wife and I consider ourselves among that number.
I would not hesitate to recommend buying property in Ramat Poleg / Ir Yamim nor engaging Maxine Marks on your behalf. Whether buying a holiday home from abroad or a new home with a view to Aliyah Maxine will take a large amount of the stress out of the situation. She was of invaluable assistance to our family. Thank you Maxine.

Jeff Samuels  (19-5-2016)


Hi Maxine,

“When we decided to sell our house in Poleg, South Netanya, we selected Maxine because she was honest and to the point. She did not disappoint by finding a buyer for our house within a few weeks of it going on the market. We would recommend using Maxine to all the English speakers in the area (her being from the UK originally), since she also has a wealth of knowledge about the area. Maxine has lived in Israel for a long time, speaks the language fluently and can be an asset to anybody wanting to buy or sell a property.

Patrick Visser 15/03/2016”


Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with many estate agents, but I feel that I absolutely have to sing Maxine’s praises.

Maxine listened to my requirements and then went all out, in the face of some difficulties, and sold my apartment for its asking price.  She kept in contact with me and updated me at all times as to the current status of the approaching sale.

I then had a change of heart and at the very last minute, cancelled the sale.  Obviously, Maxine was disappointed – but she said to do what was best for me.

She then proceeded to rent out the apartment to a lovely family.

Maxine has great knowledge of the Netanya market, but more than this, she managed to keep cheerful and smiling all through my change of mind.

I would heartily recommend Maxine for all of the above reasons.

Evaline Soussan


“We were recommended to contact maxine by close friends who had just purchased a house in Poleg through her  and, as a result of our experience with her, we have already recommended her to other friends who are making Aliyah, who have since rented through her.

Her patience and unflappability is amazing and she accommodated our every need.

See this apartment again, and again, and again? No problem!

Meet our surveyor at the apartment we liked while we were in the UK? Of course.

Register us for Council tax , Electric and who knows what else? All part of the service.

Recommend an English speaking builder (with whom we are delighted)? Here is his telephone number.

Yes, unlike in the UK, it came as a shock to find that we, as buyers, had to pay commission on our purchase, but the level of support we received made it all very easy for us.

Maxine’s local knowledge is second to none and it seems that nearly everyone we met in the street had bought a property through her!

Without a doubt, Maxine comes highly recommended.

Penny and Ashley Leboff


Last year I decided that I wished to buy a property in Israel, and luckily met Maxine at a property fair in London.  Originally from England, Maxine is the ideal person to assist and supervise any English speaker’s purchase.

She is friendly, pro-active and is easily contactable: exactly the qualities required for keeping everyone sane during the process.  Maxine works in tandem with a very experienced lawyer, and together they organize everything, including, if required, renting the property after completion.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Maxine as your agent for buying in Israel.

Do it.

Jen Rotbart (10-06-2015)



גבריאלה שלום

ברצוננו להודות לך על התיווך במכירת דירתנו ברחוב חיים לסקוב ברמת פולג.

השירות האדיב, המסירות, דרכי הנועם והרצינות הם ששיכעו אותנו לבצע את עסקת מכירת הנכס באמצעותך ובאמצעות מקסין.

תודה על ההענות בכל שעה על הגמישות ההבנה ומסירות.

בהחלט נמליץ לסובבים אותנו להשתמש בשירותי התיווך שלכן.

תודה רבה

חוה וסרג’יו קור



רצינו להודות למקסין ולגבריאלה על היחס האישי והחם, על מקצוענות, מסירות, עדינות ואדיבות שהן כנראה תכונות משפחתיות אצלכן )) מאחלים הרבה הצלחה לעסק שלכן!!

Lula Green


ביתנו ברמת פולג נמכר עי המתווכת הנפלאה מקסין מרקס לאחר חודש וחצי של תיווך. ממליצה מאוד. אישה מקסימה, מקצועית ואנושית

Varda Rubinstein



רצינו להודות לך על השירות האישי, המקצוענות, השקיפות והאמינות.

התכונות שהופכות אותך למתווכת הטובה ביותר.

טוב לדעת שהנכס שלנו בידיים טובות.

תודה שכיבדת את זמננו ואת בקשותינו.

אין ספק שנחזור לשכור את שירותייך בעתיד.




מקסין שלום,

רציתי להודות לך על עזרתך ומסירותך במכירת דירה בבעלותי.
המכירה נעשתה במהירות והשארת עלי רושם טוב.

אורית אלכתב



מקסין היקרה,

אנו רוצים להודות לך על היחס החם והטיפול המצוין  שקיבלנו ממך. היחס היה לא רק הוגן אלא גם אישי וחם, והכול תוך  כדי התחשבות באילוצים שהצבנו בפניך.

כמו כן, עזרתך בפינוי מהיר של הדירה ומסירת תכולתה לנזקקים הייתה גדולה לאין ערוך. לא חשבנו שיש אפילו מקום לבקש את עזרתך בפינוי הדירה, ואת בעצמך ראית שיש לנו בעיה והתנדבת לעזור לנו.

בנוסף לעזרתך לנו יתכן מאוד שעזרת גם למשפחה מחו”ל למצוא את ביתה בישראל .

אנחנו מאוד מודים לך ומאחלים לך ולמשפחתך שנה טובה ומתוקה.

אהובה ומרק



לכבוד מקסין

ביום שני הקרוב אנו עוברים לביתנו החדש שרכשנו באמצעותך

אני חייב לציין בפנייך שמאוד נהנינו מעבודתך-החיוך, בשקט ובשלווה והחשוב ביותר בתוצאה הנהדרת שהצלחת להשיג עבורינו!

לא הרבה אנשי עסקים שאני מכיר הינם בעלי תכונות כמו שלך

אני מבקש בשמי ובשם רעיתי להודות לך ולאחל לך הרבה הצלחה בתפקידך-שלראשונה הבנתי שלמתווך יש חלק חשוב באושרו של אדם-באם המתווך עושה את עבודתו נאמנה.

וכזו את !!

יישר כח
אל”מ  (מיל) מוטי הוד


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